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Case Studies

From Farm Tech to High Tech – FW Power has the solution

When FW Power was called to view a Diesel Generator for sale at a Farm just outside of Wellingborough they responded immediately and were on site within 24 hours to view the generator.

Very quickly an agreement was reached and FW Power despatched a HI-AB to pick up the generator.

Fabian Ware Managing Director and owner of FW Power said “the generator was built in 1999 by SDMO and had only been run for 2,300 hours which is not a great deal for a generator of this age. Although a good runner it was important to not only clean up the set but also to see how it operated functionally and on load.”

The generator was removed to an FW Power depot and looked over in detail by fully qualified and competent technicians. There were a number of issues in the control panel that needed to be resolved to allow the generator to operate an as remote start generator which is essential for most UK installations. However, once these were resolved the generator was tested under a full load and cleaned up to be put back into service.

The generator was subsequently sold to a high tech electronic chip manufacturer along with an automatic transfer switch to allow the generator to switch over from the mains supply to generator supply in the event of a mains failure. FW Power also handled the transportation by HI-AB to facilitate easy of unloading at the customers premises.


FW Power Generators Give Life to Cheshire Ice Cream

Following a fire at a Cheshire based Ice Cream manufacturer and reseller, FW Power was called to help size and select a suitable generator for the application. A site visit was quickly arranged to view the premises and the proposed installation.

Fabian Ware Managing Director and owner of FW Power said “as is often usual with businesses that have been operating for many years the information required to size the generator is often not available. In this instance we had to make certain that the generator would be able to take the start up loads from the compressors used in the refrigeration process. Our survey concentrated on the site switchboard and the electricity company fuses to enable the maximum load to be established. We also ran tests to check the load per phase to ensure that the generator was sized to suit.”

Cost competitiveness was an essential part of the project scope so FW Power chose an ex-rental set with 6,600 run hours which had been refurbished to a high standard. Mr Ware commented “a generator with 6,600 hours is above average for a year 2000 generator but for a standby application likely to require the generator for less than 100 hours per year it would be many decades before another overhaul of the engine would
be required. Equally we chose a generator with a Cummins engine which is one of the most robust engines available today”.

The generator was completely overhauled and cleaned prior to despatch with a new set of injectors fitted, fuel pump calibration, new battery charger and a full functionality and load test.

The customer required a complete installation so armoured cabling was laid from the generator to the Automatic Transfer Switch – also supplied by FW Power. New load cables were supplied due to the constraints of the existing installation and the generator tested fully on site.

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Used Diesel Generators
used generators
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Diesel Generating Sets

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